Set up ClickUp to help you crush your goals

Setting up a new project management system is hard, but it doesn't have to be! Let me help you set up ClickUp so that nothing falls through the cracks and you can start focussing on those money-making tasks.


Getting organized is step 1 to exploding your productivity
(+ profit!)


ClickUp is the best tool in the business, whether you're just starting out or scaling to 7 figures.
Learn how to set it up so it can grow with your business.


Record Systems for Everything


So that whether it's you or a VA doing it, everything gets handled like it should be.

Improve Your Client Experience


Every client gets treated like a star, because every step of your process works like a dream.

Save Hundreds of Hours (for real!)


You never have to ask "What's next?" ever again.

Create as You Go


So that you'll have a system that you'll actually want to use.



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Getting Ready


Get everything in place to set up your new project management system and actually use it. 

Getting Started


The intro guide to ClickUp so you can find your way quickly and easily.

Getting Fancy


Customise your set-up so that it everything matches your project phases and how you work.

BONUS: Getting Premium


Ready for more? Let's compare the available plans and dive into how the advanced features can enhance your system set-up.

My ClickUp was a mess, I didn't know all it could do and I didn't know how to use it better. The audit really helped me clean out my ClickUp and then the lessons helped me build it up in a better way again. Go for it! What use is a tool like ClickUp if you don't know how to get the most out of it?

Natalie Vijlbrief





Getting Ready - Prepare to Set Up Your System

1.1 The Simplest System to Reach Your Goal

1.2 Audit Your To-Do List

1.3 Identify All of Your Systems

1.4 Checking In and Maintaining Your Systems


Getting Started - ClickUp Basics

2.1 Intro to ClickUp: Spaces, Folders, Lists, Tasks and #allthethings

2.2 The Different Ways to View Your Tasks

2.3 Tasks, Subtasks and Checklists

2.4 Bringing it All Together + Templatize Everything!


Getting Fancy - Advanced ClickUp

3.1 Using Different ClickApps to Fully Customise Your Account

3.2 Custom Statuses (Oh the things you can do with these!)

3.3 Google Calendar Sync

3.4 ClickUp Extension for Google Chrome

3.5 Recurring Tasks

3.6 Using Permissions

3.7 What Features to Use Based on the Stage Your Business is In


Getting Premium - Paid Features and Picking a Plan

4.1 Task Attachments

4.2 Using ClickUp Goals

4.3 Custom Views to Save and Filter Information (free users can use this too!)

4.4 Using Portfolios

4.5 Plan Comparison to Choose the best Plan for You



You freed up 8 hours each week by streamlining your processes?

You won't start your day stressed, because you know what's on the schedule and it's realistic, too?

You'd never lie awake at night anymore, wondering if you sent that last part of the project to a client?

You could outsource without worrying if someone else would do your work as good as you do it?

Hi, I'm Sandra!


I help business owners get their shit together so they can save time while making more money. ClickUp is one of my favourite business tools and I love annoying people by telling them why it's great.


The video I did on why ClickUp is better than Asana and Trello actually got me my first haters. A milestone in online business success right?!


When I'm not pissing off people on the internet, I help my clients streamline their business and set up new systems + tech. 





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Frequently Asked Questions



Are there templates I can use inside ClickUp for Creatives?

Although there are plenty of examples inside the course, your business, process and brain structure are unique. So no, there are no copy + paste templates in this course. ClickUp has a template library though, instead of adding a list or folder choose "from template" to browse them all inside of your account.

What if I hate the course?

Since this is a digital product with immediate access, there are no refunds available. 

What if I still need 1-on-1 help after this?

For a limited time, you'll be eligible for a 30-min ClickUp call with me once you finish up the course and fill out the feedback form. I also offer Strategy Calls where we can work on any of your specific problems.

I have a different question...

Send me an email and I'll happily answer any other questions!

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